The Artesan Gateway is pleased to present the Fair Play Forum.

A marketplace that connects consumers with the products & brands in their community that encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

The Fair Play Forum fosters collaboration & peer learning to enhance social impact and sustainability by assembling NGOs, artisan producers and sustainable brands that are grounded in their community. 

Check out this quick video about collaborations fostered at the Fair Play Forum.

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Through the Forum we aim to address:

• Creating a peer learning network to accelerate growth and sustainability by establishing a community of consumers, artisan producers, businesses and community organizations (such as schools, hospitals etc) engaged in supporting each other in cooperative endeavours, including partnerships.

  • •Providing artisan producers the means to become inventive members of a community;
  • • Educating consumers on how to invest in their local community through sustainable consumerism;
  • • Engaging consumers to consider their purchasing as sustaining artisan producers (and their families) in their community, and creating growth in local and regional economies.

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