By cultivating a community that empowers the lives of artisan producers, designers and consumers through sustainable craft, fashion and lifestyle products, we deepen social impact by strengthening the network of stakeholders who form mutually interdependent relationships. We do this by facilitating opportunities to:

  • Network with like-minded organizations;
  • Expand opportunities for collaboration and business possibilities;
  • Share and learn about best practices within the sector;
  • Engage with next generation designers in innovative ways;
  • Engage with consumers in innovative ways.

Picture : Bunosilo

Picture : Basha


Social impact is a collective activity, where brands, organisations, their employees, artisan producers and consumers, cooperate and collaborate in order to benefit all those involved and their communities. 


Growth occurs when an organisation identifies the needs of producers and consumers and endeavours to meet these needs. Growth is multifaceted, evident within the organisation, and is also identifiable in the success of the producers and community within which the organisation is operating.


The creative manufacturing and handmade sector is the second largest employer after agriculture in many parts of two-thirds of the world, providing employment to those who continue to experience barriers to steady employment.

Entrepreneurs, producers and designers working in sustainable livelihoods & sustainable consumption/lifestyle sectors face similar challenges: access to market/consumers; resources; training & awareness. By helping to identify the larger ecosystem in which they reside, natural allies will be established to enable greater social impact. 


Nureen is a social impact thought leader with a global perspective. Having lived and worked in five countries, she has had the opportunity to work with people from a wide range of cultures and professional backgrounds and is a product of international education. This has fueled her passion for promoting cross-cultural education and professional experiences, particularly those with a social impact focus.

Nureen started her career in microfinance in India followed by a wide range of grassroots organizations including the Peace Corps, where as a volunteer posted in Fiji, her involvement in capacity building initiatives with local women’s groups focused on income generation was noteworthy. This led to her ongoing involvement in supporting social impact initiatives, through establishing the Artesan Gateway: a global community & network of entrepreneurs, designers and others working at the intersection of sustainable production, consumption and livelihoods.

Nureen is committed to initiatives that positively impact the lives of people who are vulnerable and in the process of transition brought on by technological, social, economic and political change, by building communities & networks of social impact champions and entrepreneurs.