The Fashion Industry & Sustainability

the Fashion industry & Sustainability

With our minds and attention still very much focused on “sustainability”, we were pleasantly surprised to see a sign at a well known high street retailer, announcing that they “…believe in forever fashion…” as opposed to “fast fashion”. This implies that they believe their products are built to last, so to speak, but as we live in a fairly disposable society, and choice has no bounds, does “forever fashion” really imply sustainability?

In a recent article in Co.Exist, staff writer Adele Peters highlights 5 New Solutions for the Fashion Industry’s Sustainable Problem. Providing an overview of waste in the supply chain, Peters goes on to showcase five unique solutions and organizations that recycle food and fabric waste to produce new items.

We too have recently met with producers and brands in South Asia who use pineapple fibers and even milk to produce textiles and look forward to showcasing these organizations soon. As always, we’d love to hear from you! How do you incorporate recycled materials in your supply chain?

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