‘Tis the Season!

Yes, you read correctly and no, it isn’t too early to be thinking about Christmas and the Holidays – at least, not if you want to tap into the retail industry!

Christmas and Holiday shopping in the West is typically the most profitable season for the retail business, and whether or not the excessive consumerism that happens at this time of year is a good reflection of humanity and sustainability (a conversation for another time perhaps!), it is certainly an important season to consider from a sales and marketing perspective.

As the general giftware, home and lifestyle categories include a wide variety of products, one doesn’t have to produce products specific to the season. One way to tap into this market segment is by exhibiting at a Christmas or Holiday market. These markets aren’t just specific to Europe and the USA, but can be found in major cities throughout the world.

Is there Christmas or Holiday market near you? Have you ever exhibited at one? Here are a few examples of well established markets and for more examples visit our Resources page.  

Friends of the Artesan Gateway, Empowered Women International, hosts an annual artisan gift fair in Silver Spring, MD USA. Located in the greater Washington, DC area the fair exhibits a variety of goods produced by local and international artisan groups.

United Charities Bazzar, has become a bit of an institution in Bangalore, India, known not only for quality craft products but holiday food too!

And of course, no conversation about holiday markets is completely without mentioning the German Christmas markets! Many of the larger cities have several, from traditional to themed markets and the Hanover Christmas Market probably serves as a good example of a variety of craft items from across the world.

We’d love to see and hear about Christmas and Holiday markets at which you exhibit!

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