What’s In Your Closet?


We are excited to partner with The Shop for Good in our launch of the ‘What’s in your closet?’ taking place May 15-22.

Many of us have been conscious consumers all along and have items in our closets that are handmade, upcycled, vintage and hold special meaning.

Through photos and short anecdotes we aim to showcase that consumers are committed to sustainable consumption and want to make a difference through their purchases. Starting Monday, 15 May we’ll be showcasing individuals who have shared with us what is in their closets.

Here’s how you can participate:

Choose 1 to 5 items that you would like to share. (This can include articles of clothing and accessories).

Curate the items to take the photo as a set, or individually.

Share a few sentences about the item’s provenance (if you purchased it; inherited it; or if it was presented as a gift), and if it is handmade, upcycled or vintage.

Post to social media and be sure to use the following hashtag: #whatsinyourcloset? and tag @theartesangateway or @theshopforgood.

You are a conscious consumer and don’t know it!


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