3 models of social entrepreneurship


8 Feb 16 picThrough our work in this sector, we routinely come across highly talented and passionate social entrepreneurs dedicated to developing the skills of the marginalized and disenfranchised through craft production and/or preserving traditional crafts. Their work is often immense as they are not only developing a workforce but running a business too. Many struggle with finding the right business model that enables them to meet the needs of the dual purpose: non-profit vs. for-profit.

A recent article posted on the World Economic Forum titled, 3 models of social entrepreneurship: Which is the most successful?, show cases three different organizations and their approach to social entrepreneurship. While these examples highlight the pros and cons of each approach, we’d love to be able to dig deeper and understand what are some of the advantages and restrictions. Have you made the switch from non-profit to for-profit, or have you gone down the route of social impact investing? We’d love to hear from you and learn more about some of the challenges and opportunities you’ve faced in developing your business model. So please reach out – you know where to find us: The Artesan Gateway

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