The Artesan Gateway is pleased to present the Fair Play Forum.

The Fair Play Forum – cultivating a marketplace that fosters collaborations and connects consumers with the products & brands in their community, that encourage a sustainable lifestyle. 

Established in 2016, Fair Play Forum (FPF) is the flagship event of The Artesan Gateway. FPF is a curated marketplace that facilitates collaborations amongst like-minded organizations, committed to social impact in the sustainable lifestyle sector.

AT FPF, we believe, that through collaboration and peer learning, one can collectively develop strategies to continue to support your artisan producers and increase engagement with consumers interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

Picture : Fair Play Forum, Dhaka 2016 

Through the Forum we aim to address:

  • Create a peer learning network to accelerate impact and sustainability by establishing a community of consumers, artisan producers, businesses and community organizations to support each other in cooperative endeavours, including partnerships.
  • Provide artisan producers the opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovation;
  • Showcase and educate consumers on a variety of handmade, recycled and upcycled methods that support sustainable and healthy lifestyles;
  • Engage consumers to consider their purchases within the sustainability framework and as a way to create social impact and growth in local and regional economies.

Stay tuned for information about the next Forum in 2022!

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