Welcome to Artesan Gateway


The Artesan Gateway is now live and launched! What is the purpose of the blog you might ask? Well,it’s simple. For the artisan community, this blog provides access to a wider online marketplace where experts share new design ideas and ways to improve the quality of your products (among other topics) through posts, articles, and online discussions. You’ll understand how to tailor your products to a Western audience and interact with sellers in international markets to learn more about tastes and trends. For retailers, this site is your gateway to local producers whose creativity knows no bounds. In time, the blog will feature an online artisan directory organized by country and craft.

Having worked with artisan groups and various income generation projects over the years, a question that has come up over and over again is ‘how do i access a broader market’. Part of the IMG_0246dilemma is identifying one’s target audience and their tastes and that isn’t always easy when one lives in a different part of the world and culture.  

Over the coming weeks, months and years this blog will provide resources and tools that will hopefully make what seems like an insurmountable task a little easier, by acting as your ‘gateway’ to a larger marketplace.


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