Application – Visualising home decor

Courtesy @mischmaesch Instagram

We recently featured a post by guest blogger Nishant Das, who shared with us 6 Simple Product Development Tips. By providing us insightful tips about product development and design, he showed us how to look at a product critically in order to develop relevant and well designed objects. A recent article in Brit + Co titled Add a Punch of Color to Your Bedroom With 17 Winning Color Combos, serves as good example to help visualise product development. 

Reading through the article served as a great exercise in identifying some the points Nishant provided to help with the design process: Gestalt (Understanding how smaller parts fit into a larger context); Functionality (Why should someone buy your product? Can you add your unique style to a product people need?); Timeless (Creating simple but strong design features will also help ensure your product can last through the years as trends in style change) and; Bandwagon (Always be looking at what other peer companies are doing as this is a good indication of what the market demands. Then, make it better by adding your own unique style).

How have you incorporated these principles in your own product development?



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