Artesan Profile: Child’s Cup Full, West Bank

Founded on the principle that when you invest in a woman, you invest the larger community, Child’s Cup Full (CCF) is a non-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable economic opportunities for Palestinian refugee and impoverished women artisans in the West Bank.

By providing career-relevant artisanship training programs and sustainable employment to low-income women artisans who otherwise do not have sources of regular income, Khariye2CCF aims to break cycles poverty and dependency on aid and enable some of the most vulnerable women in the region to make a career of their craft and design skills.

In 2011, CCF established its first artisan center in Zababdeh to train and employ low-income, refugee women artisans to make handmade, eco-friendly children’s toys. The toys are made using nontoxic surplus materials from local bedding and furniture companies.  As the opportunity for artisan groups throughout the region to work together to create jobs for skilled women artisans is vast, CCF plans to increase their impact by creating a consortium of artisan centers across the West Bank. This includes English stuffed alphathe Ramallah, Hebron and Bethlehem regions. CCF’s approach is a unique combination of artisanship advocacy, international partnership development and strategic marketing in the US, all of which open doors to the global marketplace.

The current line of products include: alphabet bags; finger puppets; calendars; spellinCCF photo6_toy pic-ming mats; and blocks.  If you’re looking for a gift for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephew or your classroom, look no further. CCF’s holiday sale has begun an all toys are now available to order from their online store and provides a great opportunity to buy a gift that has a social impact.

(All products ship directly from their offices in North Carolina).


For more information about CCF, visit:

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