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04: Goddie’s African Interiors

Cultivating intimate conversations with entrepreneurs, reflecting on the heartbeat of their organization.

In this episode, design student Cellah Were Osewe in conversation with Goodie Mzuri of Goodie’s African Interiors both based out of Nairobi, Kenya. Highlights from the conversation include: how self-improvement plays an important role in Goodie’s efforts around knowledge sharing in the sector; the intentional design of the business to ensure that everything they do has a positive impact on whoever they work with from the producers to the consumers of their products; how she is inspired and empowered by her producers whose positive attitude keeps her going; and how she would like her legacy to be one of change.

Check out a short animation from the episode here

The Social Impact Pulse is a project of the Artesan Gateway and the soon to be launched, Their Stories Be Told.

Music by Migfus20

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