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07: Diya Foundation and Diya Innovations

Cultivating intimate conversations with entrepreneurs, reflecting on the heartbeat of their organization.

In this episode we hear from Sarah Santamaria Founder and CEO of Diya Foundation, and Suman John, co-founder and CEO of Diya Innovations – sister organizations providing life skills and employment to the adults with intellectual disabilities. We hear about the history and creation of both organizations; how Sarah and Suman cultivate impact both at a professional and personal level; the moments that have made them proud, particularly seeing the transformation in the lives of their students and employees, who now through their own incomes, contribute to their families finances; and how Sarah and Suman have used Diya to create a collaborative platform engaging with others in the sector across the state of Karnataka, to raise the bar and possibilities of including the differently abled into the workforce. 

Check out a short animation from the episode here:

The Social Impact Pulse is a project of the Artesan Gateway and the soon to be launched, Their Stories Be Told.

Music by Migfus20

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