Audio Stories

13: mimycri

Cultivating intimate conversations with entrepreneurs, reflecting on the heartbeat of their organization.

In this episode we are joined by co-founders Nora and Vera from mimycri, a Berlin based, social business that makes high-quality bags and backpacks out of discarded and broken refugee rubber boats. We’ll hear about how volunteering on the Greek island of Chios, welcoming refugees arriving in boats in 2015 led to the creation of mimycri; how they create impact not only for their team members but through their products;  how the brand serves as vehicle for conversations around the refugee crisis as well as the circular economy; their aspirations for the brand; and advice for entrepreneurs in the social impact space.

Check out our short animated trailer here:

The Social Impact Pulse is a project of the Artesan Gateway and the soon to be launched, Their Stories Be Told.Music by Johnnie Holiday; DDmyzik

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