Circular Economy

Circular Econony 2.16

In a blog post last November, we referenced the principles of a Circular Economy, that focuses on the longevity and life cycle of a product. We were keen to explore organizations that support this philosophy and stumbled across an article on how Levis Strauss & Co., has embraced these same principles. In an effort to move away from the traditional, “linear” form of production, distribution and sales, Levis has embarked on more “circular” approach by engaging their customers too. Partnering with I:CO, the company encourages their customers to bring in old clothing and shoes which are then repurposed and recycled.

We know that many organizations in the artisan and craft sector do reuse and recycle their waste and raw materials and we’d love to share your story. So if you reuse, recycle and/or repurpose, your waste and extra materials, we’d love to hear from you!  Contact us with your best practices to be showcased on the Artesan Gateway.

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