Inaugural ‘Fair Play Forum’ launch!

c991_the_fair_play_forum_rb_4The Artesan Gateway is thrilled to announce the launch of the inaugural Fair Play Forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh this Saturday, 15th October!

We have teamed up with the Fiber Resource Center, Dhaka and Fashion Revolution Bangladesh, the to convene social businesses, producer groups and consumers involved in the artisan made sector in Bangladesh.

Through the Forum we aim to address the following:

-Providing artisan producers the means to become inventive members of a community;

-Educating consumers on how to invest in their local community through sustainable consumerism;

-Engaging (invite) consumers to consider their purchasing as sustaining artisan producers (and their families) in their community, and creating growth in local and regional economies.

-Creating a networked community of consumers, artisan producers, businesses and community organizations (such as schools, hospitals etc) engaged in supporting each other in cooperative endeavours, including partnerships.

Panelists include: Shah Abdus Salam, Founder and Executive Director at Development Wheel (DEW); Hema Helal, Founder at the Sneha Foundation; Nawshin Khair, Creative Director at Aranya and country coordinator and member of the global advisory board for Fashion Revolution, Bangladesh; Ummaima Jahan Dawood, Director at The Fiber Resource Center, Dhaka and; producers from DEW, The Fiber Resource Center, Hems & Hues and the Carpet Workshop.

We look forward to sharing with you the conversations and stories that unfold. Stay tuned!

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