My Sustainable Closet – Iris Lim

Iris LimThreadapeutic customer

Iris with her Threadapeutic bag

Iris is a recycling enthusiast who has incorporated this practice in both her personal and professional life in early childhood education. Recycling has very much been a personal interest whether it is recycling newspaper, re-using egg cartons in art classes at her school, or donating used clothing to the Salvation Army and other enterprises that collect used clothes.

Iris stumbled across Threadapeutic at a local fair. “I was really attracted to the texture of the bags. It was really interesting, I had never seen it before.” Speaking to founder Hana, Iris came to learn how tedious the process was and the effort they take in sourcing old and used materials.

“I’m someone who is interested in how things are made.” The intricate process how the layers of cloth are stitched together and the tools used, to produce the chenille effect really appealed to Iris. “It is so awesome. I have never seen anything like this before. It makes each piece so unique and one of a kind.”

“What they are doing is really commendable. Hana is not only being green and helping protect the environment, but Threadapeutic is proving jobs for people too.”

Other upcycled and recycled accessories Iris has collected

Growing up in a family with three other siblings, hand-me-down clothes were par for the course. Iris recounted how her mother use to love to make things and making clothing for her children was among her many skills. “My father worked overseas and so we were very prudent in our lifestyle growing up. Not only were clothes passed down but text books too”, she reflected. “So I guess that early experience has had an influence on me.”

Iris strives hard to be conscious of waste in her every day life and encourage others to do the same. She is never without a carry bag to use for her purchase or groceries so as to reduce the use of plastic bags and added, “It’s one of the easiest ways for me to do my part in saving the earth!”

At her school, she encourages her staff to use both sides of the paper and not just one side and then throw it away.

Another way in which she aims to be an influencer is through the products she buys for herself and as gifts for others. “As women, we love pretty things and when you wear unique and attractive products, it gets a conversation going. It is a great way to show people a different side to recycling” shared Iris.

Bracelet made out an old tyre

Trying to be ‘conscious consumer’ and leading a sustainable lifestyle can seem daunting. Through this series we are showcasing loyal customers of some of our favourite brands, who are making strides to lead a sustainable lifestyle. We hope you are encouraged & inspired by the actions each of these individuals have taken. You may not think so, but you can and probably are taking actions towards being more sustainable, you’re just not ‘conscious’ of it!

For more information about Threadapeutic click here!


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