A Conscious Christmas : 5 Gifts for Him

Check out these great finds for under $50! 1 Handmade African Kitenge Bowtie by Angelo Lgitego 2 Hand-felted slippers by Kancha 3 Recycled tire card holder by Global Goods Partners 4 Bamboo socks by Braintree Clothing 5 Organic Crane Print Tee by People Tree

Artesan Profile: Les Sublimes, France

We recently connected with Alexis Assoignon co-founder of for-purpose Parisian fashion brand Les Sublimes, to learn more the challenges and opportunities establishing a sustainable European fashion brand. Les Sublimes is a young company. Officially founded in Paris in Fall 2015, the brand was launched via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in June 2016. We were […]

Artesan Profile: Madia & Matilda

Madia & Matilda is a developing business and has been established for 3 and a bit years, employing one to ten people. Working as a team, each one specializing in a different area bringing out the best of each of their skills individually to achieve their goal of growing the brand. Madia & Matilda which […]

Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Purchase with a Purpose

  Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Purchase with a Purpose by theartesangateway on Polyvore Cotton Whale Nursery Decor globalgoodspartners.org Sloth Pals Mobile: Hand Knit in Peru | Global Goods Partners globalgoodspartners.org

Artisans and India Fashion Week

  Recently, the Indian Fashion Week took the whole “who made my clothes” notion to another level. Designers took a novel approach by showcasing the artisans who create the clothes at various workstations on the ramp. It was great to read Vikas Pandey’s  (at the BBC) coverage of this great story: Artisans on the ramp […]

Ethically sourced and elegant!

  Ethically sourced and elegant! by theartesangateway featuring a cotton bag Cotton bag $145 – peopletree.co.uk Naomi Leather Purse by Connected in Hope connectedinhope.org Songa Designs International | Zaza Necklace songadesigns.com

Ethical Fashion

  Fashion, as an industry came into being with the mechanization of sewing and the ability to mass produce textiles and garments in factories. With the rise of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-19th century, clothing moved away from being a home-made item, or something one ordered from a tailor, to being more readily available […]