File_000 (1)The Artesan Gateway recently learned of True Moringa’s #TrueBeautyGivesBack campaign and we wanted to spread the news! Today they are highlighting Zesa,  an Indian organization that provide vocational education in jewelry and fabric design and life skills training, to girls who are survivors of human trafficking. Many of these girls go on to put these skills to use at Zeza Retail. For more information visit True Moringa’s blog: http://www.truemoringa.com/blog/

So how does the give back campaign work? Enter code ‘ZESA25’ at checkout, and through the end of December, True Moringa will donate 25% of your purchase to Zesa’s work, bringing education, training, and employment opportunities to survivors of human trafficking in India.

Look out for a feature on True Moringa this weekend! 

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