Artesan Profile : Kisaku Heritage

Kisaku is an online platform specialising in modern heritage-infused fashion and home decor collections, which are carefully curated from Indonesian artisans and craftmakers. It is a space where traditional techniques (such as those used in hand-woven ikat and batik, hand weaving of wicker products, bark cloth products, etc) meet modern styles. Kisaku works with passionate […]

Artesan Profile: Threadapeutic, Indonesia

A conversation with Threadapeutic founder, Hana  How did the idea for Threadapeutic come about? Threadapeutic first started when I was working for an event, Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. I was assigned to make event souvenirs and souvenirs for the media people who were covering the event. The materials available for upcycling were leftover fabric, old […]

Opportunities and challenges of e-commerce platform

By Guest Blogger Rumi Takama (Founder, Jalak Bali) Originally from Japan I have spent half of my life overseas and have always been inspired by people, culture, traditions and food in different regions of the world and what nature has to offer to us. I currently live in Bali, Indonesia and have launched Jalak Bali, […]