Social Entrepreneurs are the way forward!

As many of the artisan groups with whom we’ve networked with have been founded by social entrepreneurs, we wanted to share this great article and interview with the CEO and founder of Ashoka, Bill Drayton. Featured on the NextBillion’s blog, The Imperative of Change – An Interview with Bill Drayton, provides some great insight on […]

Artesan Profile: True Moringa

The Artesan Gateway recently caught up with True Morgina co-founder Emily Cunningham to learn about the organization and their venture Made Conscious. AG: Tell us about True Moringa. How did you come to be co-founder of the organization? EC: My co-founder Kwami and I began working with small farming families in Ghana in 2012- and […]

Insights into Ethical Fashion continued

  Last Monday, I published a post on the growth of sustainable and ethical approaches within the fashion industry and I thought I’d follow up this week with an article I came across on the Ethical Fashion Initiative. The Initiative, which is a part of the International Trade Center, ‘partners leading designers with artisan producers […]

Recycled and Repurposed

Recycled and repurposed items are not only for those on a budget, looking to decorate one’s space with creative and inventive products, it is big business too.  These stools made from discarded fans and scrap wire by Hong Kong based KaCaMa Design Lab are a perfect example of post consumer waste materials to create functional […]

Ethical Fashion

  Fashion, as an industry came into being with the mechanization of sewing and the ability to mass produce textiles and garments in factories. With the rise of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-19th century, clothing moved away from being a home-made item, or something one ordered from a tailor, to being more readily available […]