Providing a platform for local networks

On 15th October, we had the privilege of hosting the inaugural Fair Play Forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Convening social businesses, NGOs, artisan producers and fashion students involved in the craft and artisan sector, the Forum provided a platform for each of the stakeholders to engage with each other in meaningful conversation. Leaders from Arayana, DEW, […]

Inaugural ‘Fair Play Forum’ launch!

The Artesan Gateway is thrilled to announce the launch of the inaugural Fair Play Forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh this Saturday, 15th October! We have teamed up with the Fiber Resource Center, Dhaka and Fashion Revolution Bangladesh, the to convene social businesses, producer groups and consumers involved in the artisan made sector in Bangladesh. Through the […]

Artesan Profile: Les Sublimes, France

We recently connected with Alexis Assoignon co-founder of for-purpose Parisian fashion brand Les Sublimes, to learn more the challenges and opportunities establishing a sustainable European fashion brand. Les Sublimes is a young company. Officially founded in Paris in Fall 2015, the brand was launched via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in June 2016. We were […]

Songa Designs launches the Basket Collection

An Artesan Gateway Alert! We recently caught up with our friends at Songa Designs to learn more about their launch of their new Basket Collection. Founder Sarah Sternberg, brought us up to speed on how the collection came about. AG: How did the Basket Collection come about? What prompted you to diversify your products? Handmade […]

Separating humanitarian mission and business

  The struggle between meeting humanitarian and development needs with that of building a retail business, is one with which we at the Artesan Gateway are all too familiar. In fact, the tension is all too real for many a social enterprise and NGO, who have the dual mission of providing skills training and employment […]

Valuing handmade and ethically produced products

Pricing of products is often a quandary for many an artisan and brand, particularly when the product is handmade and/or upcycled. There are many factors to consider when pricing handmade products, aside from the physical resources, there is skill, time and uniqueness of product. Sue Reed, from the Woolly Pedlar  tackles this dilemma in her […]

Artesan Profile: Bunosilo, India

Tell us about Bunosilo. Bunosilo, started in November 2015, So it’s just 4 months old now! We provide good quality, well fitting, handcrafted clothes made out of hand loomed fabric to the customers worldwide. We aim at promoting the dying craft techniques of our country and to generate sustainable employment opportunities to them. We also […]

Artesan Profile : Lumago Designs, Philippines

Lumago, means “to blossom” in the national Filipino language, and was founded by an American Social worker, Whitney Fleming, in 2011 when a huge typhoon devastated parts of the impoverished community on our city’s dumpsite, located next to the Banica River.  Subsequently, to find another source of income, a group of women from the community […]

Social Impact Stories: Rahaf, Darzah Designs/CCF – West Bank

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are showcasing the individuals who make up the artisan industry. Today, we are honoured to present Rahaf who works with Darzah Designs and Child’s Cup Full. My name is Rahaf and I am really happy with the work here because I work with something enjoy and i’m able to […]