Songa Designs launches new Bohemian Handbag line!

We are excited to share the new Bohemian Handbag collection recently unveiled by our friends at Songa Designs. Offering ‘socially conscious handbags’ for their consumers, the handbags are created using the traditional Rwandan weaving techniques we’ve come to admire from Songa’s accessories and baskets. The current collection includes the Zuri Handbag (meaning “beautiful” in Swahili), […]

Songa Designs launches the Basket Collection

An Artesan Gateway Alert! We recently caught up with our friends at Songa Designs to learn more about their launch of their new Basket Collection. Founder Sarah Sternberg, brought us up to speed on how the collection came about. AG: How did the Basket Collection come about? What prompted you to diversify your products? Handmade […]

Artesan Profile: GLO Creations, Rwanda

GLO Creations, a textile design company, founded by Gloria Kamanzi Uwizera in 2008, produces both fashion and home decor items.  Derived from the founder’s name, the brand aspires to design and create products that “glow”. With a small team of five, GLO Creations line of products include the following: t-shirts for kids and adults; men […]

Notes from the field: reflections on working with big retail

by guest blogger Sarah Sternberg For many producer groups and artisans, getting an order from one of the big retailers is the dream. We wanted to learn more about what it takes to achieve that goal and reached out to our friends at Songa Designs to learn more from founder Sarah Sternberg. Three years ago […]

Social Impact Stories: Jeanne Nyirangiinshuti, Songa Designs Rwanda

Showcasing the individuals who make up the artisan industry. Songa Designs My name is Jeanne Nyirangiinshuti. They used to call me Mama Kibaki. I am working at a cooperative called Buranga mean ‘Beauty’, since 2008 and I am in charge of quality control. I am 34 years old, married with 3 kids. I have finished […]

Songa Designs Launches Accessories Club!

We were delighted to learn of our friends Songa Designs recent launch of their Accessories Club. What a creative way to create a steady source of income and develop a steady following at the same time! Based around a monthly subscription, Songa Designs offers three options: Annual $44.95/month; Quarterly $48.95/month; Bi-Annual $46.95/month. Every member receives […]

Artesan Profile: Songa Designs, Rwanda

Based in Kigali, Rwanda, and San Diego, California, USA, Songa Designs works with artisan cooperatives throughout the country and creates jobs for skilled women to enable them to earn economic independence. The Artesan Gateway spoke with country Director Gilbert Kubwimana to learn more. AG: Tell us about Songa Designs. GK: We currently employ close to […]