Artesan Profile: Threadapeutic, Indonesia

A conversation with Threadapeutic founder, Hana  How did the idea for Threadapeutic come about? Threadapeutic first started when I was working for an event, Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. I was assigned to make event souvenirs and souvenirs for the media people who were covering the event. The materials available for upcycling were leftover fabric, old […]

Artesan Profile: Chindi, India

We recently caught up with Tanushri Shukla, founder of Chindi,  a Mumbai based social enterprise working with marginalised women to provide employment through crafts, to learn more about the organization. AG: Tell us about Chindi. What inspired you to work with marginalized women and provide them employment through craft production? C: Chindi is about two […]

Sustainable Living – Artisan Made Home Decor

Get inspired this Spring with these great artisan made home decor products!   Sustainable Living – Artisan Made Home Decor by theartesangateway on Polyvore NAPKINS NAPKINS Ikat Hand Loom Tablecloths – (KT15001-2) Canteens San Angel (snack forks) – Amarella Triangle Copabu Wooden Bowl | Jimani Collections Triangle Copabu Wooden Bowl […]