Granny’s DIY Shopper Bags

As of March 2016, the city of Bangalore, India is now plastic free. This means that when shopping at a grocery stores and even some retail stores, one has to have an alternative. What better way to get creative and come up with some great alternatives! In fact, that is precisely what my grandmother did, […]

Artesan Profile: Mayamiko, Malawi & UK

Having worked in the two thirds world in developing economies, Paola Masperi founded Mayamiko in 2008 as a charitable project with the aim of turning it into a sustainable business. Patterning with artisans in Malawi, Masperi was keen to take a holistic approach in providing individuals with opportunities through education, skills training and access to […]

Artesan Profile: Madia & Matilda

Madia & Matilda is a developing business and has been established for 3 and a bit years, employing one to ten people. Working as a team, each one specializing in a different area bringing out the best of each of their skills individually to achieve their goal of growing the brand. Madia & Matilda which […]

Artesan Profile: The Carpet Workshop, Bangladesh

Established in 1997, Protibondhi Community Center (PCC) was set-up to work with people with disabilities and their families. Founded by Taize brothers in Mymensingh, a city 125km north of Dhaka, Bangladesh, PCC provides health, education, medical and skills training through self-help groups and income generating projects, including the Mohila Women’s Club under which the Carpet […]

Artesan Profile: Chindi, India

We recently caught up with Tanushri Shukla, founder of Chindi,  a Mumbai based social enterprise working with marginalised women to provide employment through crafts, to learn more about the organization. AG: Tell us about Chindi. What inspired you to work with marginalized women and provide them employment through craft production? C: Chindi is about two […]

Green Innovation in the Indian Textile Industry

  In honour of Earth Day we wanted to highlight ways in which towns and communities involved in textile production are taking steps to address the pollution caused. A recent article on Al Jazeera brings to light Green Innovation in the textile industry in Tirupur, India. We are always interested to hear of ways in […]

Artesan Profile: Bunosilo, India

Tell us about Bunosilo. Bunosilo, started in November 2015, So it’s just 4 months old now! We provide good quality, well fitting, handcrafted clothes made out of hand loomed fabric to the customers worldwide. We aim at promoting the dying craft techniques of our country and to generate sustainable employment opportunities to them. We also […]

Travel Tales from Yennie Tse, Founder of Fourth Sector Collection

Through Yennie Tse’s love for creativity and design, coupled with her trained background and experience in business and community development, she has created the Fourth Sector Collection, a social enterprise that is now in the research and development phase. Fourth Sector will aim to create sustainable partnerships by working with artisan weavers in developing countries […]

Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Purchase with a Purpose

  Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Purchase with a Purpose by theartesangateway on Polyvore Cotton Whale Nursery Decor Sloth Pals Mobile: Hand Knit in Peru | Global Goods Partners