Social Impact Stories: Rahaf, Darzah Designs/CCF – West Bank

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are showcasing the individuals who make up the artisan industry. Today, we are honoured to present Rahaf who works with Darzah Designs and Child’s Cup Full. My name is Rahaf and I am really happy with the work here because I work with something enjoy and i’m able to […]

Artesan Profile: Child’s Cup Full, West Bank

Founded on the principle that when you invest in a woman, you invest the larger community, Child’s Cup Full (CCF) is a non-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable economic opportunities for Palestinian refugee and impoverished women artisans in the West Bank. By providing career-relevant artisanship training programs and sustainable employment to low-income women artisans who […]

Artesan profile: Darzah, West Bank – These shoes are made for showing off!

Darzah, an initiative of Child’s Cup Full, a non-profit social enterprise based in the West Bank, is a collection of tatreez embroidered products, hand-stitched by talented women artisans.  By creating sustainable economic opportunities for refugee and low-income women, Darzah is building a consortium of artisan centers to not only have a long term economic impact […]