Audio Stories

34: Ethik Collective Cultivating intimate conversations with entrepreneurs, reflecting on the heartbeat of their organization. In this episode we are joined by Jenna Rakuita, Head of Impact at Ethik Collective – A business that connects brilliant creators with the resources they need to sell high-quality items at scale and pave the way for companies to […]

My Sustainable Closet – Georgina Iraheta

Georgina is an intrepid traveler having been involved in volunteering and working with young children and youth from an early age. Growing up in relatively privileged surroundings in El Salvador, Georgina recalls that shopping for clothes was always done with a view to purchase clothes for the following six months to a year. The options […]

Lush Bazzar launches its second summer collection!

THE ART OF SUNDER “The Art of Sunder” is Lush Bazaar’s second summer collection. Timbrel Chyatee’s inspiration behind this collection was her Grandfather names Sunder and the beautiful handwoven. crisp cotton clothing he would wear. He was undoubtedly her hero and the one who shaped her family. He taught others around him to serve and […]

My Sustainable Closet – Chris Bouwer

As President of Facilitators International, a nonprofit that provides support for organizations that work in the area of anti-human trafficking in Nepal, Chris Bouwer is an avid supporter of Higher Ground Crafts . Over the years Chris has sold Higher Ground Craft accessories by hosting jewelry parties and to local retailers in Michigan. In addition to […]

My Sustainable Closet – Iris Lim

Iris Lim – Threadapeutic customer Iris is a recycling enthusiast who has incorporated this practice in both her personal and professional life in early childhood education. Recycling has very much been a personal interest whether it is recycling newspaper, re-using egg cartons in art classes at her school, or donating used clothing to the Salvation […]

My Sustainable Closet – Noella Cresence

Trying to be ‘conscious consumer’ and leading a sustainable lifestyle can seem daunting. Over the next few weeks, we will showcase loyal customers of some of our favourite brands, who are making strides to lead a sustainable lifestyle. We hope you are encouraged & inspired by the actions each of these individuals have taken. You […]

Artesan Profile: Yabal

A conversation with Yabal founder, Allison Havens. Origin Yabal is a k’iche’ word which means “hope”. We began in 2005 to support two indigenous communities that were destroyed and subsequently displaced in the aftermath of Hurricane Stan that affected many areas of Guatemala during that time. Yabal began as an organization to help these communities […]

Artesan Profile: Diya Foundation

We recently caught up with Diya Foundation  CEO and founder, Maria S Santamaria to learn more about how the foundation provides life skills training and employment opportunities for the differently-abled. Diya Foundation is a Vocational Training Center for adults with intellectual challenges. The focus at Diya is life skill and work skill training towards the […]

Artesan Profile: Port Prince

A conversation with founder, Elvita Dominique  Port Prince has been in business for a just over a year. The name of the organization comes from the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. We sell unique high quality handmade goods from Haiti. The focus is on products that are useful objects (home goods/decor) and durable (not disposable […]

Artesan Profile: Ushodhaya Women Weaves Crafts

Founded in 2016, Ushodhaya Women Weaves Crafts provides employment and means to a livelihood to 25 women weavers, through the production of handwoven SUTRA (sustainable cotton). Using natural vegetable dyes, the weavers produce fabric for apparel industry. The group is based in Andhra Pradesh, India.