Lush Bazzar launches its second summer collection!

THE ART OF SUNDER “The Art of Sunder” is Lush Bazaar’s second summer collection. Timbrel Chyatee’s inspiration behind this collection was her Grandfather names Sunder and the beautiful handwoven. crisp cotton clothing he would wear. He was undoubtedly her hero and the one who shaped her family. He taught others around him to serve and […]

Artesan Profile: Lush Bazzar

A conversation with Timbrel Chyatee   The Brand Lush Bazaar is a socially conscious fashion label that began over three years ago. It has grown from an accessory label to a clothing label and the best is yet to come! Lush Bazaar sells handcrafted, Indowestern clothing that tells a story of empowerment and inspiration. Our […]

An online marketplace for Dharavi artisans

Dharavi, Mumbai is home to what is often referred to as one of the largest slums in Asia. Depicted in several films, including Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay and Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, it is a city within a city and home to over 1million people. Dharavi is often cited for the informal economy and enterprise […]

Coming soon to N. America – Lai Designs!

Artesan Profile: Lai Designs. A conversation with founder and designer, Puja Bhargava Kamath. Lai is a India and California based indie jewelry label under which we design and manufacture unique, culturally inspired collections of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Cultural and historical references reinterpreted with a contemporary touch is the DNA for Lai which means ‘the […]

Artesan Profile: Chindi, India

We recently caught up with Tanushri Shukla, founder of Chindi,  a Mumbai based social enterprise working with marginalised women to provide employment through crafts, to learn more about the organization. AG: Tell us about Chindi. What inspired you to work with marginalized women and provide them employment through craft production? C: Chindi is about two […]

Green Innovation in the Indian Textile Industry

  In honour of Earth Day we wanted to highlight ways in which towns and communities involved in textile production are taking steps to address the pollution caused. A recent article on Al Jazeera brings to light Green Innovation in the textile industry in Tirupur, India. We are always interested to hear of ways in […]

Artesan Profile: Bunosilo, India

Tell us about Bunosilo. Bunosilo, started in November 2015, So it’s just 4 months old now! We provide good quality, well fitting, handcrafted clothes made out of hand loomed fabric to the customers worldwide. We aim at promoting the dying craft techniques of our country and to generate sustainable employment opportunities to them. We also […]

Artisans and India Fashion Week

  Recently, the Indian Fashion Week took the whole “who made my clothes” notion to another level. Designers took a novel approach by showcasing the artisans who create the clothes at various workstations on the ramp. It was great to read Vikas Pandey’s  (at the BBC) coverage of this great story: Artisans on the ramp […]

Unique dishes : Papier Mache bowls that look like crockery!

Social entrepreneur and papier mache aficionado Paul Dass has come out with series of new papier mache products that we couldn’t wait to share! These papier mache bowls and dishes look just like crockery and could have fooled us. Paul is the founder and director of proVision India, a nonprofit that develops practical, sustainable ways […]

National Association for Indian Crafts

Jaya Jaitly, founder of  Dastkari Haat Samiti, a national association for Indian crafts, has spent her career working with Indian craftsmen throughout the subcontinent, empowering the disenfranchised to develop a sustainable livelihood through crafts. In a recent interview on, Jaya talks about the path that led her to the career that has, in many […]