Artesan Profile: True Moringa

The Artesan Gateway recently caught up with True Morgina co-founder Emily Cunningham to learn about the organization and their venture Made Conscious. AG: Tell us about True Moringa. How did you come to be co-founder of the organization? EC: My co-founder Kwami and I began working with small farming families in Ghana in 2012- and […]


The Artesan Gateway recently learned of True Moringa’s #TrueBeautyGivesBack campaign and we wanted to spread the news! Today they are highlighting Zesa,  an Indian organization that provide vocational education in jewelry and fabric design and life skills training, to girls who are survivors of human trafficking. Many of these girls go on to put these […]

Songa Designs Launches Accessories Club!

We were delighted to learn of our friends Songa Designs recent launch of their Accessories Club. What a creative way to create a steady source of income and develop a steady following at the same time! Based around a monthly subscription, Songa Designs offers three options: Annual $44.95/month; Quarterly $48.95/month; Bi-Annual $46.95/month. Every member receives […]

Opportunities and challenges of e-commerce platform

By Guest Blogger Rumi Takama (Founder, Jalak Bali) Originally from Japan I have spent half of my life overseas and have always been inspired by people, culture, traditions and food in different regions of the world and what nature has to offer to us. I currently live in Bali, Indonesia and have launched Jalak Bali, […]

Artisan Resource: A trade show specifically for international artisan enterprises

Trade shows are often a great way to connect with retailers and wholesalers and to expose oneself to the marketplace at large. While they are an investment, there are those that cater specifically to certain products and markets. Artisan Resource (founded by ByHand Consulting) is one such trade show that works specifically with export ready […]

Artesan Profile: Child’s Cup Full, West Bank

Founded on the principle that when you invest in a woman, you invest the larger community, Child’s Cup Full (CCF) is a non-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable economic opportunities for Palestinian refugee and impoverished women artisans in the West Bank. By providing career-relevant artisanship training programs and sustainable employment to low-income women artisans who […]

Artesan profile: Basha, Bangladesh

By Guest Blogger Robin Seyfert (Founder, Basha) Mila* had worked in the garments factory for 3 months without being paid when she turned in desperation to a woman offering to help. This woman instead sold her to a brothel. Farhana’s* husband left her alone with their son and large loans. She could just eke out […]

Artesan Profile: Songa Designs, Rwanda

Based in Kigali, Rwanda, and San Diego, California, USA, Songa Designs works with artisan cooperatives throughout the country and creates jobs for skilled women to enable them to earn economic independence. The Artesan Gateway spoke with country Director Gilbert Kubwimana to learn more. AG: Tell us about Songa Designs. GK: We currently employ close to […]

Marketing Tips

Over the years, a common query I’ve heard from artisan groups  and organizations time and time again, is around marketing. Attracting the right audience and effectively portraying one’s organization and products is one of the keys to success. What makes it tricky is that marketing is more an art than a science. As many artisan’s […]