What’s In Your Closet? Producer Edit

Our  “What’s in Your Closet” feature is back! This time around we asked producers from some of our favourite brands, to share with us what’s in their closet and what items they hold dear. While some chose items in their closets, other chose work tools or other items that hold special meaning for them. We […]

Artesan profile: African Flaire

Meet Anne Mukuria – founder, African Flaire.  Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Anne works with Wendo  – a self-help group focussed on weaving traditional Kenyan baskets.  Working with rural communities poses its challenges. As rainfall in the eastern part of Kenya isn’t always consistent, growing and processing sisal into a material that can be woven, can […]

Social Impact Story: Lissy, Secret Projects

We are honoured to present Lissy, Quality Controller at Secret Projects. Read more about her story here. My name is Lissy. My family consists of 4 members: myself, my husband and my two teenage children. My husband does odd jobs as a carpenter, but I am the one with the steady stream of income. I […]

Marketing for Social Impact – A Conversation

A couple of weeks back, the Conversant Wallah convened a small group of social entrepreneurs within the artisan made, handmade and sustainable craft & fashion sector, to talk through marketing strategies for social impact. A common pain point often experienced by leaders in this sector, is that the established business and marketing frameworks and tools, […]

My Sustainable Closet – Kathleen Peers

When Kathleen and her husband took the decision to move to Paris with their 3 kids, it was the start of her journey towards more consciousness. Desiring to be an agent of change, Kathleen sought out networks and communities that allow her to be a changemaker, in both her personal and her professional life. Although […]

Catching up with Madia & Matilda

By Hazel Bonner |25 February, 2019 |Sustainable Fashion Back in the summer of 2016, The Artesan Gateway spoke with Shalize Nicholas, founder of Madia & Matilda, about the sustainable ethos of her company and her plans for the future. Now, in 2019, we’re checking in to see how the company has grown and evolved! When […]

Introducing Our Guest Blogger!

We are delighted to introduce Hazel Bonner our Berlin based, guest blogger for for 2019. Here, Hazel shares with us her own ongoing journey to leading a sustainable lifestyle and what she’s currently reading and listening too. Look out for stories and articles from her soon! What prompted you to lead a more ethical and […]

My Sustainable Closet – Runjhun Pacholi

Runjhun is not new to the world of up-cycling and recycling. A few years back she launched her own start-up to create conscious consumption by giving women the opportunity to buy preowned clothes from each other. After having done a lot of research into the resources that go into producing cotton, in addition to the […]

My Sustainable Closet – Georgina Iraheta

Georgina is an intrepid traveler having been involved in volunteering and working with young children and youth from an early age. Growing up in relatively privileged surroundings in El Salvador, Georgina recalls that shopping for clothes was always done with a view to purchase clothes for the following six months to a year. The options […]

Cultivating Conversations – The Fair Play Forum

Recognizing the need to provide a platform for like-minded leaders to convene to share best practices, struggles, successes and develop up strategies to collaborate, the Fair Play Forum was launched. To date, the Fair Play Forum has convened in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Bangalore India. We recently caught up with the participants from the event held […]